Sunday , 17 December 2017


Primum Africa Consulting (PAC) is a private, independent firm bringing you a confirmed African and international expertise to respond to your needs. Thanks to our elite team, PAC is pleased to offer the following services:

Communication & Strategy
We develop and execute, with you, your internal and external communication strategies.
We also guarantee public and media relations for your major events: new project and partnership launches, new publications, advocacy campaigns…
For all of these events we guarantee you a strong and substantial media presence (TV, Radio, Printed press, online) in both the specialty and general press, nationally and internationally.

Because we combine our scientific expertise (education from the best universities) with a sound understanding of the local environment (the socio-political and economic contexts of our countries), we offer you optimized chances of success in your project with our team of local and international experts.

Training Programs
Through our training workshops or individual sessions, we give you the tools you need to better communicate with the media (writing press documents, press conferences, interviews, creating a media mailing list, etc.)
Additionally, PAC offers two innovating training programs, which will help you to both understand and acquire Public Speaking Techniques as well as improve your Negotiation strategies and managerial communication.

Accurate Translation (French-English-Portuguese)
All of your documents are first translated by our completely bilingual experts before being proofread and corrected by our Anglophone, Francophone, and Portuguese-speaking staff with respect to your needs.